The exhibition Thom Mayne: Sculptural Drawings presents a fraction of Mayne’s tremendous and always idiosyncratic body of work

The first line of a (architectural) drawing begins with an idea – no matter where it takes one and what form it will become. To Thom Mayne everything starts with an idea that leads to complex forms, to something unpredictable – unattainable. In the course of his outstanding career, Mayne has challenged the nature of architectural drawing; creating improvisations, sculptural paintings that although completely random, influence his architecture.

Chiba Golf Club, Präfektur Chiba
Chiba Chiba Golf Club, Präfektur Chiba / Chiba Prefecture, Japan 1991 Serigrafie / Serigraph61 × 61 cm Ed. 28/50 © Thom Mayne

In the seventies, a group of architects with…

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