Shanghai Huijian invited Wutopia Lab to design a welcoming stage in front of the sales’ center of their project in Huzhou. The only request from the client was to make it different. We can design the façade of the sales’ center but keep the interior unchanged.

White Upland Sales Center by Wutopia Lab
Photograph © CreatAR Images

Designing from Criticism: Anti-generic City

In China, no matter where you are, as long as you live in a so-called “modern city”, you can find the drastic similarity among all of them, that they are all “seems” new, but with no character, no history, no center and no planning. People are living in similar houses that either are “Neo-Classicalism”or have a“New Art Deco”façade led by local developers. Every one actually lives very differently. However, now our…

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