„The long-term relations and strong bonds with our clients and partners are both our advantage and differentiator” – AdHugger

Spoon is taking a new step towards the development of the data analysis and media performance services, through the new role that Anca Ciuluvică will play in the team, She will be developing new services and tools to solve the needs that customers feel in the relationship with the dynamics of the digital environment. “For a smarter tomorrow” is the concept that Anca proposes to the Spoon team and, together with Claudia Chirilescu, they refresh the Spoon philosophy, which has always been distinguished by the dedication they have offered to customers and their needs.

AdHugger.net spent time with Anca Ciuluvică and found out more about her plans and the new position in the agency.

AdHugger: What are your main goals in the new status?

I started this journey with the desire to improve the services we are providing and to grow our internal performance. I constantly…

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