AHW Studio by INK Interior Architects

A bespoke jewellery brand that celebrates horology; the art of making clocks and watches.

Finishes such as rich timber, burnished metal and heavy texture create a sumptuous result. The traditional jewellery store aesthetic is challenged with the use of mood lighting, shadow play, intimacy and warmth. 

AHW Studio by INK Interior Architects
Photograph © Michael Wee

What began as a humble stall at The Rocks markets has now grown to a successful, 3rd generation family business. Vintage watches are sourced from all over the world and repurposed into unique jewellery pieces such as rings, pendant necklaces and cufflinks. The product became a springboard for the initial finishes palette and conceptual beginnings of the project. Specified throughout is black Paperock board which is made from layers of compressed…

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